Weighted Baseball Reviews and Buying Guide


weighted baseballs for hittingLooking for the best weighted baseballs on the market? Then look no further! We have brought together the Top 4 weighted baseballs for hitting and pitching practice.

Weighted baseballs are a great training tool to help you further develop your skills in either baseball or softball. These can be skills in batting/hitting or pitching.

Save yourself the stress of countless websites and uncertainty with different products and take a look at our reviews below. It will certainly help you get started on the right track to finding the best weighted baseballs for hitting.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Weighted Baseball

Although there is no real science behind choosing the right weighted baseballs for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Determine if you are going to use the balls for batting practice, pitching practice, or both. This will play a significant role in which balls you purchase. Some balls will be designed for specific types of training while others will be open to both.
  2. Determine who you are buying the balls for. And what age are they? If they are younger children, some restrictions/recommendations may apply for certain balls.
  3. Ask yourself where you will use these balls most? And when. If it is going to be outside closer to dusk/night, you may want to look at picking brighter colored balls for safety reasons. Brighter ones are easier to see at night.

The Best Weighted Baseball Reviews

Let’s take a look at our top picks and reviews for weighted baseballs.

PowerNet Weighted Hitting and Batting Training Ball (6 pack)

With a very high rating, the PowerNet weighted hitting, and batting ball is perfect for helping any ball players with batting practice. This set is the best we have reviewed and are excited to share it with you.

Why are they great? This training ball weighs in at three times the weight of a regular baseball and remains roughly the same size. With this weight, a player can only send the ball flying with a solid swing and follow through. Using these balls for practice encourages better batting techniques.

Also great for pitchers to strengthen their pitching arm. We do recommend that if you are using these balls for pitching practice with youth that you follow the guidelines related to youth pitching. Overuse or improper use of weighted balls can cause damage.

All ages can use these weighted baseballs for hitting. If you are using these balls for practice with younger children, you don’t need a lot of space as they can not hit them as far.


  • Durable and well made.
  • Do not need much space to practice.
  • A favorite among children.
  • Come in a pack of six.


Markwort Synthetic Cover Weighted Baseball, Navy, 6 oz

Available in eight sizes, the Markwort synthetic 9-inch cover weighted baseball offers you a variety of choices for a great price. Designed for pitchers to warm up and strengthen their pitching arm, these colorful balls will get you some great results.

The highlighting feature of this baseballs is that you can individually pick a weight that suits your needs. They are available from 4oz to 12oz and are color coded. Perfect if you are after a particular weight.

These balls are found to be well made and high quality. They are also designed to resemble a typical baseball (same size) which makes it easier to use.

This ball is designed for pitching practice and warm ups. We do not recommend using these balls for batting practice as the ball may break or damage under batting pressure.


  • Available in 8 sizes.
  • Sturdy and well made.
  • Each color represents a different weight.
  • Can increase weight as you get better.


Precision Impact Firm Slugs: Heavy Weighted Practice Balls for Baseball/Softball

The precision impact slug weighted practice balls are designed specifically for hitting practice. These vibrant orange balls can take some serious hits and with an affordable price, who can argue.

Throw all your force into your swing and get instant feedback on this ball. The size is half way between a baseball and softball, making it an excellent batting practice choice for both games.

A great feature of this ball is you don’t need a lot of space to use these as the weight keeps them from traveling too far.


  • Well made and durable.
  • Instant feedback when hitting.
  • Bright orange color – easy to see.
  • Comes in 6 pack.


Champion Sports Weighted Training Baseball Set

A great set for strengthening your pitching strength, the champion sports weighted training baseball set comes in a handy nylon carry bag with nine balls in total. Each ball weighs a different weight and is color coded.

This weighted baseball set comes with a higher price tag and is slightly limited in its functions. These balls are not designed for hitting practice. However, they are designed well for pitching practice.

The different weights of balls make this set great to strengthen your pitching arm as you progress through the weights and you improve your pitching ability.

We recommend that you do NOT use these balls for youths (as does the company/manufacturer of these balls). Weighted balls can cause injury (some severe) if not used correctly or under strict guidelines. This applies to anyone.


  • Comes with nylon carry case.
  • Set of nine.
  • Different weights for each ball.
  • Good for pitching and strengthening arm.


Why You Should Train with a Weighted Baseball

weighted baseballs

As we mentioned earlier, weighted baseballs can be highly beneficial for improving your skills in batting/hitting and pitching.

When used for pitching practice, weighted balls can increase and condition your pitching arm. Training with a heavier ball than the average baseball (average baseball is 5 pounds) can also make using a regular baseball much easier. Using this technique of heavier balls should also lead to reduced injury rates from this style of practice (overload training).

If used for batting practice, weighted baseballs can assist players with building drive, increase proper hitting and help to develop good follow through. Weighted balls need to be hit exactly right, or they will not travel anywhere – this helps to show the player where he/she is going wrong and help to adjust mistakes. It also requires more strength to drive the ball, making it a great practice tool for building strength.

Do’s and Don’ts When Using a Weighted Baseball

Although weighted balls are similar to regular ones, the weight difference does determine a need for more care and diligence when using them. To help you get a better understanding of what you should and should not do when using them, we have made this list.


  • You should only use weighted balls greater than the average ball (more than 5 pounds) on players who have established a good foundation of knowledge about pitching and batting.
  • You should only use weighted balls for those players who have a good foundation of strength.
  • Implement a proper training program for players.
  • For batting practice, we recommend using soft toss. This helps avoid injury.


  • Do not leave young children or youth unattended while practicing with these weighted balls.
  • Do not hit the balls off of a tee.
  • Do not try to play catch or field with these balls. They are too heavy, and someone will be injured.


And that’s it! We hope we have helped you gain a better understanding of why weighted baseballs can be a great additional tool for your training. We also hope our reviews of these great products has given you some direction to finding the right baseball for you.

Please remember, weighted baseballs can be an excellent addition to your training. But also keep in mind that without proper implementation of techniques and programs, you can sustain injury. Always use the right program for you and seek out advice if you need it.

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