Ultimate Guide to Taro Bubble Tea


You know those bright purple drinks people have been walking around with that look like they came from the Willa Wonka factory? That is taro bubble tea, and while it may just seem like a crazy new drink trend, it has actually been around for quite some time. This frothy drink originated in Taiwan and quickly made its way around Southeast Asia. Today, it is one of the most popular beverage choices by locals in multiple Asian countries. It’s about as common place there as soda and juice are in Western countries. These countries have mastered the art of how to make taro bubble tea.

What is taro bubble tea and what does it taste like?

what does taro bubble tea taste likeOkay so what exactly is this magical frothy beverage? Well, there’s three components that need to be there to make this tea authentically complete- the taro, the tea and the bubbles.

Taro is actually the underground section of a plant called Araceae, and it can come in white, pink and purple colors. Because of its starchiness, many people find that it is quite similar to a potato, and it is often used to make fries and other side dishes. Taro has a natural nutty, sweet and vanilla-like flavor, and this is what gives the drink the bulk of its flavoring. Not only that, but this vegetable actually packs in a decent amount of nutrients, as it contains a high amount of fiber, potassium, and Vitamin E.

A lot of taro bubble tea recipes use taro in its powdered form to make it easiest for mixing. However, taro bubble tea calories are usually highest when made from powder, as many of them contain added ingredients and sweeteners.

When making taro bubble tea, people either use creamer, milk, black tea or water as a base. If you are wondering- what does taro bubble tea taste like? This answer can vary a bit depending on what type of base you decide to use.

Taro bubble tea calories are also significantly affected by the base choice. Water is obviously calorie free as is black tea, whereas milk tends to have some calories and creamer has a lot of calories. Whatever base you choose, the bubble tea is almost always served cold and over ice.

The bubbles found in the beverage are actually just tapioca pearls. Taro bubble tea calories can vary greatly depending on how much tapioca is added to the drink. Sometimes, other sweeteners, like condensed milk and flavored syrup, are added as well. To keep taro bubble tea calories low, most people just add a pinch of the tapioca. What does taro bubble tea taste like without additional sweetener? Well, some may find the flavor to be a bit strong, so a little bit of sweetener really helps to balance it out.

What is it used for and what are the benefits?

Taro bubble tea can be drank as a sweet treat to cool off or as a nutritional drink. Because of its thickness, many people find drinking taro bubble tea beneficial because it both quenches your thirst and fills you up. As said before, taro contains a lot of healthy nutrients, so for those who do not like the bland taste of traditional tea, taro tea is a good alternative. This tea can be a highly nutritious drink if you go heavy on the taro part and light on the bubble and sugar part. You can easily modify any taro bubble tea recipe to fit your nutritional needs.

Taro Bubble Tea side effects?

Taro bubble tea can pack in a lot of calories and sugar. A lot of shops will add in heavy creamer to their taro bubble tea recipe, as well as syrup and sweetened fruit purees. A cup of it can easily come in at about 500 calories if you get it with all the additives. To keep your taro bubble tea nutritious, you can always check if the shop has a healthy taro bubble tea recipe. If not, just ask for less sugar and a small amount of tapioca pearls, and see if they have skim milk on hand to swap for the heavy creamer. If you are someone who struggles with your weight or you have diabetes, you should definitely only follow recipe guides that stress how to make taro bubble tea nutritious, as you do not want to experience adverse effects on your health.

How to make taro bubble tea?

There are a few variations you can choose from when deciding how to make taro bubble tea. There are a multitude of taro bubble tea recipes on the internet, so if this taro bubble tea recipe isn’t quite to your liking, you can always find ways to modify it. This recipe is big enough to share with about four or five other people.


  • Bring a pot of water to a boil.
  • Add in half a cup of tapioca pearls and two tablespoons of white sugar.
  • Stir occasionally for about five minutes.
  • Drain and rinse with cold water.
  • In a blender, mix one and a half cups of ice, 5 ounces of milk and two scoops of taro powder
  • Add tapioca pearls to the blended mixture, pour and enjoy!

Taro bubble tea calories would be around 350 per one serving of this drink.

If you are looking for a tasty drink to incorporate into your daily life, taro tea is a great option. There is a reason this drink is so popular all over Asia and why bubble tea stores are popping up everywhere in the Western world. It is one of those drinks that everyone can enjoy because it can be easily modified in so many ways to fit one’s preferences.

Taro bubble tea calories, sweetness and thickness can all be modified to suit your needs. It is a very social drink, as many people enjoy sipping it with their friends having lively discussions about what does taro bubble tea taste like to them. Taro bubble tea recipes are also all very easy to follow, and all the ingredients can be easily found at any supermarket. So what are you waiting for, try this delicious drink today so you can finally see what all the fuss is about!

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