Top 4 Weighted Vest Benefits


You’re on the search for weighted vest benefits, and the good news is, we have them listed all here for you. But before we dive in, let’s take a look at the two types of weighted vests we will be covering.

There are two types of weighted vests. One style is lighter and designed for people with anxiety, autism, or sensory issues. These specifically target deep pressure points throughout the body and have a particular set of benefits.

The second type of vest is heavier and aimed at those working out. The vest carries a lot more weight and adds resistance to training and/or cardio sessions. Most of these vests will come with weights ranging between 20 – 50 pounds.

Top 4 Benefits of Weighted Vests

Let’s take a look at the weighted vest benefits and how they can improve your life.

1. Help Calm and Relax Anyone with Anxiety or Autism

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As we mentioned earlier, these are vests designed for people who suffer from Autism and anxiety. Through deep pressure touch stimulation, the vests provide a calming effect with specially placed weights.

The vest can be used as a preventative method or a for calming if you or your loved one are suffering from a breakdown and/or meltdown. These vests are also perfect for calming children in the classroom environment.

We recommend heading over to Best Weighted Vest for Autism & Compression Vests Reviews for our top reviews, recommendations, and further information.

2. Provides “Grounding” & Balanced Mood for Sensory Disorders

For anyone suffering from a sensory disorder (such as autism) or anxiety, finding your ‘balance’ in daily life can be tough. One of the great benefits of weighted vests is that it helps with this.

The weight from the vests often gives a person a sense of ‘grounding.’ Usually, anyone with a sensory disorder will constantly have their body on overdrive – hyperactivity, fidgeting, or the need to move around constantly. A weighted vest counteracts this by stimulating the muscles and nerves at a deeper level which satisfies the bodies need to move. But this allows the person to feel calm and ‘grounded’ on the surface.

It can also help to balance your mood. Deep pressure touch stimulation can increase the serotonin production level in your body. This, in turn, influences our mood to regulate and lighten up.

3. Improves Balance and Coordination

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This weighted vest benefit applies for both vests. You can improve your balance and coordination by simply wearing a weighted vest. Sounds easy? It is!

By wearing a weighted vest, you are adding extra weight onto your body. This means that your body is working harder to keep you balanced.

It also means that your body has to work that little bit harder to coordinate its movements. Although the weight change may not feel like much to the one wearing it, your body will notice the difference and make adjustments to cope.

The heavier vest for working out will supply more of a challenge to your body. However, even the lighter ones for sensory disorders will offer balance correction and coordination.

We highly recommend that you don’t wear your vest for extended periods of time. Neither of the vests are designed to be worn over a long time (unless otherwise instructed by a health professional) and may cause injury or harm if worn for too long.

4. Build More Strength With a Weight Vest

Weighted Vest Mentioned in the video: 45 Lb. V-Force Weight Vest, Black, with wide shoulders

Wearing a heavy weight vest while training provides a broad range of weighted vest benefits. While these benefits can vary slightly depending on which exercise you do while wearing your vest, you can expect the following throughout most activities.

Resistance training. Whether you are working out with weights, doing a cardio session, or hitting the treadmill, a weighted vest will add extra resistance to your overall workout.

Burn more calories. With extra weight added to your own overall body weight, your body will have to work extra to perform any given exercise. This, in turn, leads to more sweating, more calories burned and ultimately, more weight loss.

Better strength. Wearing a weighted vest can build your strength up and even possibly speed up the time frame of muscle building. Your body must work harder and therefore, can build more muscle.

We recommended that you use a weighted vest during exercise in moderation. Over training with a weighted vest can lead to injury.

The Final Message

We hope that we have helped you gain a better understanding of the numerous weighted vest benefits you can receive. Remember to follow the instruction from the vest manufacturer unless instructed otherwise by a health professional. We wish you all the best in health and happiness.

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