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topstretch scholarshipSharing the same enthusiasm and spirit, is once again offering our Annual Academic Scholarship. Ideally suited for individuals currently enrolled in Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs.

Ones don’t need to be a PhD in these areas, a creative mind with a unique thought process is enough to show true potential in the field.

If you’ve been longing to deliver a standoff expression on a topic, this program can be the platform for you to create a statement to the worldwide audience.  So please, don’t doubt your potential and feel free to approach us with further queries and required details.

TopStretch is actively giving its community genuine reviews and informative articles such as:

We value our audience, and we believe in quality over quantity.

General Participation Terms

To be a part of our scholarship program, we require a well-researched and original piece of content between the words of 700 -1000. The subject for your content can be any of the following topics:

  1. “The Importance of Personal Fitness”
  2. Pick a natural supplement and write an informative essay outlining the history, uses, benefits and side effects
  3. Write a step-by-step guide helping educate users on how to stretch or workout a particular part or muscle group in their body.

For the sake of relevancy, we require you to keep these aspects in mind:

  • How has the lifestyle of first world countries changed over the years? How has that affected diet and exercise routines.
  • How can we help other people improve their overall health and well-being?

Eligibility Criteria and Uniqueness

The program is basically for students currently enrolled in high schools, colleges, and universities only.

The article that you will write should be unique and original content. The context should be creative and neither dull nor boring. The information within the composition should be relevant to the subject matter, and deliver genuine understanding to the reader, that the writer is fully aware and in control over his words to full correctness.

Upon receiving your articles, they will undergo a review process, where they will be evaluated based upon multiple factors, namely – creativity, appropriate information, relevancy, research value and more.

How to Submit your Application

At first, you will write an article between 700 – 1000 words and submit to us in a word .doc file. Additionally, include the URL’s of your website if you have any and any references you have cited.

After completing the above steps, you will email us at consisting of the details listed below and attached word documents.

  • Personal Details (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  • Name of your school or institution.
  • Area of study or major.
  • Proofing document – that signifies you’re a legitimate student of an institution.

Note: By submitting your article to us – you are giving us the permission to use the article as how we please. For the purpose of marketing or promotions, irrespective of the nature.

Submission Deadline

The final date to submit your article and related information at our side is no later than June 30th, 2017. After the review process, a winner will be informed through our representatives on July 31st, 2017, whereas the check will be processed and mailed out by August 31st, 2017.

A $1,000.00 check will be sent directly to the address of your college.

Please Note:

Our scholarship program runs once a year every year.

Any delays due to national holidays (if any) will be dealt accordingly.

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