6 Proven Benefits of Rose Tea with Minor Side Effects


Do you have a current ache, pain or other ailments you want to alleviate? Perhaps you are trying to take preventative measures to offset the onset of disease? Or maybe you would like to minimize the effects of aging? Rose tea may be one of your best tools to achieving each of these health goals.

Rose tea is embraced throughout the world as a health supplement. Everyone can appreciate the beauty and fragrance of a rose, but you may not be aware of the many benefits of rose tea. Historically, practitioners of alternative medicine often chose rose tea as one of the primary methods to address various ailments. Today, modern herbalists continue to list rose tea benefits among their natural remedies of choice.

Rose Tea BenefitsRose tea is made from both rose hips, the remnant of the flower after the petals have fallen off, as well as rose petals. But the benefits of drinking the delicious, aromatic and healthy rose tea are more far-reaching than just quenching your thirst or soothing your throat. Inhaling the fragrant aroma relaxes you while it reduces your stress and anxiety. With each sip, you reward yourself with vitamins and other nutrients that support the well-being of your entire body.

Rose tea is especially associated with vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, rose tea is associated with anti-inflammatory relief of injuries and forms of arthritis. Below is a summary of the most commonly attributed health benefits of rose hip and rose petal tea.


benefits of rose tea One of the most popular rose petal and rose hip tea benefits on which commentators focus is that it is full of vitamin C. A frequent comparison you might have heard is that rose tea provides more vitamin C than multiple oranges. That high dose of vitamin C boosts your immunity and has been characterized as one of the tools used in the past to prevent scurvy. Today these rose tea benefits are also viewed as a tool to even preventing the common cold.


Rose petal and rose hip tea benefits your body with vitamin A as well. Esrose hip teasential for skeletal growth, vitamin A is also known as the ‘skin’ vitamin because it regenerates skin cells. As a result, it aids in healing your wounds and scars. In addition, rose hip and rose petal tea benefits include improvement in the elasticity and nourished appearance of your skin, which translates into fewer wrinkles for you!


Rose tea benefits you with many antioxidants as well. Brimming with antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids, and catechins, the benefits of rose tea extend to cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention. You cannot only improve your day with a warm cup of rose tea but take a step to protecting your future with its preventative properties.


Other benefits of rose tea relate to the digestive system. Rose hip and rose petal tea benefits you as a cleanser. It helps flush the toxins out of your kidneys and can reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infections. Since the tea acts as a diuretic, rose tea benefits may even help you lose weight!


Rose tea for reliefRose tea benefits have long been perceived as including a way to address dysmenorrhea symptoms as well. For numerous women over the centuries, painful menstrual cramps have interfered with their lives on a monthly basis. Drinking rose tea and inhaling its aroma are associated with reducing these painful menstrual cramps.


In addition to being viewed as a valuable nontraditional remedy, rose tea is even identified by modern medical sources such as WebMD as possibly effective as a treatment for inflamed joints. If you have swollen or aching joints, the anti-inflammatory benefits of rose tea can reduce your pain and stiffness while it improves your overall function. Even the rigors of osteoarthritis can be reduced through the benefits of rose tea.


But remember that there can be too much of a good thing. As with all vitamin supplements, it is important to be aware of how your body responds. Just as an excess of any vitamin can have an unintended effect, some individuals have experienced side effects from nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea to fatigue and headache.

In conclusion, the many health benefits of rose tea make it a worthwhile addition to your daily regime. Whether you want to reduce joint pain, supplement your vitamins or take preventative action against diseases like cancer, start with a tasty, enjoyable cup of rose tea. Drink your way toward a healthier you!


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