Neck Pain: Causes and Treatments


Neck pain is one of the worst things to deal with. It can affect your back as well as your head and other parts of your body. Many different things can cause or add to neck pain.

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One of the biggest things that affect neck pain is the way you sleep. If you don’t have enough support or the right sleeping position your neck can suffer. Try sleeping on your side or back which puts less pressure on the neck and spine.

Another thing that can affect your neck pain is the type of pillows you are using. Pillows should offer a ton of support and should never be too puffy or too flat. Try a pillow that is just slightly firm enough to support the weight of the head.

Straining to look at a computer or TV screen can also be very damaging for the neck. It is important not to look down too often at a computer. Instead try to put the computer at eye-level.

If you suffer from neck pain it is very important to stretch your neck muscles. Muscles can become stiff and rigid. Being sure to constantly move and stretch them is a great way to keep them limber.

Problems Caused By Neck Pain


Many people do not realize that neck pain can affect other areas of the body. These are just a few of the other problems that neck pain can cause.

  • Headache. Neck pain can also cause a headache. Neck pain typically starts in the bottom back of the neck and will move its way up to the head.
  • Backache. Neck aches can also cause the back to become stiff and achy. When this happens it can cause a lot of back pain.
  • Shoulder pain. A neck ache can travel all the way down your shoulders and even into your arm and hand. When this happens the shoulder, hands and arms can become very sore and tired.
  • Stress. Neck pain can cause a great deal of stress. This can cause added worry and concern which can also make your neck feel worse.
  • Poor night’s sleep. Often times those who suffer from neck pain also suffer from a poor night’s sleep. When neck pain starts interrupting your sleep that can be very dangerous and cause you to be extra sleepy while working and driving.

These are just a few of the many problems that neck pain can result in. It is important to find ways to relieve the neck pain so it does not harm other areas of the body.

To decrease neck pain try a new sleeping position as well as new pillows. It is also important to stretch the neck muscles and use hot showers and other heating elements to relax the muscles.

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