Does Hula Hooping Count as Exercise?


is hula hooping good exercise	You already know that exercises require physical effort and are typically practiced to sustain or improve health and fitness, but did you ever wonder how many calories does hula hooping burn? It is said that hula hooping burns about seven calories per minute. That means if you hula hoop for 20 minutes, you’ll burn about 240 calories.

What you burn when you hula hoop is more than what you burn when you practice step aerobics or even yoga. Now, depending on the weight of the hoop and what you do with it, hula hooping can help many parts of your body. It can trim your waist, work on your abs and at the same time, it strengthens your core.

Hula hooping might seem overrated, but when it comes to the effect, it has on one’s body when practiced over a short period say, 10 minutes daily, no other workout can beat it. Almost everyone has memories of using the hula hoop in school as a child.

It might have been seen as a form of recreation among. However, when practiced just 10 minutes a day, hula hooping can transform the body.

Hula hooping stimulates the inner muscles in your waist area in ways that most conventional targeted exercises cannot reach. Hula hooping can also boost your metabolism thus helping you burn off excess fat. Hula hooping has been proven to relief constipation more than any other workout.

best weighted hula hoop reviewsHave you ever wondered why some celebrities like Beyonce, Marisa Tomei, Liv Tyler, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Obama (to mention a few) have amazing bodies? Most of these public figures practice hula hooping as a form of exercise. It’s easy to keep up with the routine because it is fun.

Exercising is good for the heart, and hula hooping is a very intense form of workout for your muscles and your heart. It is said that hooping raises the rate of your heart to about 84% of its maximum beat. So just hooping for 20 minutes daily will count as part of your moderate intensity exercise recommended to improve and also maintaining your health.

It involves the movement of a significant range of motion for your spine, it helps to improve the strength and flexibility of your spine which can further prevent the possibility of back injuries. The kind of rhythmic movements made while hooping releases the tension of the muscles which surrounds the lower part of the back. It causes an increase in the flow of blood to the spine and also improves the total flexibility of the spine.

Apart from the physical benefits of hula hooping, the fact that it makes you happy is also a huge health benefit. After hooping, there is usually a rush of endorphins which will have a positive effect on your mental state. That feeling of youthfulness and confidence you get after a session of hooping further proves that it is a form of exercise.

Studies have shown that the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to use because you get more time to react to the hooping forward and backward movements. You should do practice it both clockwise and anticlockwise to get the maximum result. So yes, hula hooping is a good exercise.


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