Best Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces


Are you searching for a wrist brace to help you relieve pain from carpal tunnel? If you are looking for a carpal tunnel brace, you will have a lot of options to choose from, all with different features. Some offer more support and other offer more comfort. Depending on your pain and injury, you need to make sure the carpal tunnel wrist brace you choose addresses your needs. Once you have decided which features are most important to you, you need to do a little research and read some reviews to make sure you are choosing a wrist brace that will help relieve your pain and get you back on the road to recovery.

We have put together a few tips on what to look for in the best carpal tunnel brace and a few reviews to help you start you search.

carpal tunnel sleeping brace

A carpal tunnel injury is not uncommon. It is characterized by tingling, weakness, and numbness in your hand due to the pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. This can be caused by illness like arthritis, hypothyroidism, or diabetes. It can also be caused by repetitive hand movements.

Treatment can include rest, icing the area, and wearing a wrist brace. Wrist braces are often used to supporting the injured area and keeping it immobile so it can heal.

Below, we compiled a list of the best carpal tunnel braces on the market today. We made sure to only choose carpal tunnel braces that are easy to use and help provide relief from pain.

What are wrist braces?

Wrist braces are created to protect and support your wrist. Typical wrist supports are used mostly for injury rehabilitation including acute injuries that are received through a fall or playing sports, or ailments that are chronic and last for a long period of time. Braces are intended to help during the healing process and to reduce swelling.

Reviews of the Best Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces


If you are looking for a unique and holistic approach to treating your carpal tunnel syndrome, you will want to check out CarpalCure. It is clinically proven to eliminate wrist pain and aid in faster healing. It was designed by orthopedics and medical engineers to integrate active technology in providing faster healing and relief.

CarpalCure is different from passive wrist braces in that it gives you relief for a wide variety of symptoms like tingling and numbness. It is made with breathable neoprene that gives you a nice, cool sensation while you maintain the best temperature that promotes healing.

CarpalCure device is specifically designed to holistically treat wrist-related issues with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. CarpalCure uses modern vibration technology that is directed at improving blood flow and pain relief. It also uses the strong TW4 & TW5 acupuncture point that is located a few centimeters on towards the forearm from the wrist to improve energy flow and relieve pain. When you combine pressure point activation with vibrations, you can effectively and safely eliminate CTS symptoms and provide a quicker period of recovery.

CarpalCure is the first wrist brace to apply science and technology to a comprehensive approach. This unique technology aims to give you a faster healing process and provide immediate pain relief by focusing on the problem areas in your wrist and increasing blood circulation.

Things We Like:

Very comfortable, fits well

Super easy to use, strong motor

Doesn’t interfere with the movement of your hand

Things We Didn’t Like:

On the expensive side

Takes some getting used to

Mueller Green

As the first environmentally friendly wrist brace on the market, the Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace is one of the most comfortable wrist braces you can find. It is also a good wrist brace for women as it fits slimmer wrists well.

The Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace was created to help people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and to support injured and weak wrists. You can maintain a full range of motion with your fingers and thumb while also relieving pain and swelling.

It is comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear it all day and all night making it the ideal carpel tunnel night brace. It is available in two sizes, and you can also customize your fit with the two adjustable straps. They are easy to use, and they are helpful in lessening the need for anti-inflammatory medications, decreasing CTS pain symptoms, and improving wrist joint function.

Things We Like:

Good female specific wrist support

Two strap design is extremely comfortable

Ideal for tendonitis

Things We Didn’t Like:

Thumb hole is too small for some people

DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace

If you are looking for function as well as comfort, you need to check out the DP2 BioSkin Wrist Brace. It is made with Ultima 2s that is Bio Skin’s patented material. It includes a thin layer of ultra-soft micro-fleece that wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and cool.

DP2 does not include laces and there is no need to thread the straps through the loops to tighten it as you can apply the brace easily with one hand. You can customize the shape of the brace as the dorsal and palmar stays are removable.

It also includes soft circumferential wrist strap for stabilization while controlling the motion of the CMC and MP joints with a 6-1/2 inch splint. It is a low-profile wrist brace that lets you have full use of your fingers for daily activities and only limits your wrist motion to relieve pain from arthritis, sprains, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Things We Like:

Form fitting and very comfortable

Built-in metal piece makes it adjustable

Sturdy, well-designed, and breathable

Things We Didn’t Like:

Thumb strap needs to be made with a stronger material

Size chart runs small

A little restrictive

Wrist Brace Pair

When you are looking for the first line of treatment, Wrist Braces braces are often used for injuries that include weakness, pain, and numbness. It can also help to prevent a wrist injury from happening or support your wrist after sustaining an injury. This is accomplished by stabilizing the wrist area and keeping the joint from moving out of place.

Wrist Braces are ergonomically designed to treat arthritis, wrist sprains and strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other wrist conditions. They can also give you firm support and protect you from post-cast or weak wrists.

They fit easily under clothing with their sleek design, and they are so comfortable they can be worn day or night making them the perfect carpal tunnel sleeping brace. They are made of a breathable mesh material that releases moisture and is soft, durable, and latex-free.

This non-chafing wrist brace has easy to adjust Velcro straps to customize your support and comfort level with an open finger design that lets you have complete control of your fingers. They provide relief from tingling, numbness, and wrist pain while allowing you a full range of motion with your fingers and thumb.

Things We Like:

Extremely well made, fit well

Affordable price, very comfortable

High-quality for the price

Things We Didn’t Like:

Sizes run small

Banding around thumb not very comfortable for some

Metal brace needs to be more secure

CopperJoint Copper Wrist Support

Innovative compression technology combined with a thermal stabilizer provides just the right level of support to help you heal faster and give you more comfort. The CopperJoint Copper Wrist Support is a lightweight and durable wrist support that lets you move your wrist easily to accomplish daily tasks.

The CopperJoint stays secure and doesn’t slide, roll, or slip on your arm. It is easy to put on, fits well, and it has a very strong fabric that reshapes back to its original shape after it is removed. It has the perfect healing capability after surgery, and it comes with a cooling effect that doesn’t cause a skin rash and lets you wear it all day long without sweating.

Innovative compression technology relieves wrist pain from carpal tunnel and wrist tendonitis, and it is the perfect support when you are out golfing, or for wrist pain when you are lifting. The CopperJoint improves blood circulation in your arm and wrist, lessening muscle stiffness and soreness, while providing relief from tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, carpal tunnel, and osteoporosis.

Active Copper is efficient in getting rid of odors, and its moisture-wicking design makes it lightweight and easy to wear while keeping you dry and comfortable. The Thermal Stabilizer gives you a high-performance fabric that is breathable and keeps an optimal joint temperature. The anti-Itch UPF 50+ material is ergonomically designed to allow you a full range of motion with superb comfort. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Things We Like:

It gives a nice amount of compression and support when lifting

Well-made and durable

Comfortable enough to sleep in overnight, not restrictive

Things We Didn’t Like:

Not enough compression for some people

It can sometimes get a little stretched out and does not stay snug

Not ideal for high levels of physical activity

Types of Carpal Tunnel Braces

Now that we have read some reviews, let’s learn a little more about what to look for in a wrist brace. First off, what are the different types of wrist braces?

1. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) wrist supports

These wrist supports are designed specifically to help injuries that are developed by repeating the same action over time. They can occur from typing on a computer, or playing sports. RSI braces reduce pressure and lessen symptoms by keeping the hand and wrist in a neutral position.

2. Sports wrist braces

These wrist braces are designed to be worn while playing sports, like tennis, that strain your hands and wrists. Protecting this vulnerable area is one function of a sports wrist support, and they are also used to increase recovery times when you need to play with the injury.

3. Post Operative braces

These braces are used by people that recently had wrist surgery, maybe due to carpal tunnel syndrome or a fracture. They are bulkier and sturdier braces that increase the amount of support they provide, but make them less flexible for daily activities.

Why would you need a carpal tunnel brace?

Alleviating pain and injury recovery is the main reason when someone wears a wrist brace. Injuries are usually the result of an accident, sports incident or repetitive strain. They supplement traditional medicine practices by reducing stress on the injury and supporting your wrist by limiting your wrists movement. This allows you to still participate in daily activities without a lot of inconveniences.

Things to Consider when Buying a Carpal Tunnel Brace

When purchasing a wrist brace, you will find a lot of different models with varying features. Once you have your specific diagnosis, you should know which model will work better for your particular situation or injury. So what should you look for when you are buying a carpal tunnel brace?


arpal tunnel night brace fit

When you wrist is in a neutral position, your wrist brace should around the whole wrist snugly. There is usually a loop that wraps around your thumb that will keep the brace in the correct place and keeps it from slipping. This is a vital function of the wrist brace to help restrict your movement and aid in your recovery. There are also small hooks or Velcro that will hold the brace in place to make it easy to tighten or loosen as you need.


When there is more padding internally, the wrist brace will be more comfortable and have more support. This also means you will be able to move less and have less flexibility, so if you have a mild injury or need to be active in daily activities, a brace with less padding may be better.

Breathable Materials

Breathable MaterialsThe internal padding of the wrist supports can be made out of either suede, cotton, cotton blends or polyester. Some of these materials are more breathable than the others, so if you are wearing it in warm weather or while you are playing sports, you will want to keep the type of material that it is made out of in mind.

Air Flow

To reduce the discomfort that can be caused by sweating and heat, some supports are designed with air holes or vents that allow air flow to the wrist. This can be a good feature if you are wearing your wrist support in hot climates or over the summer.


The number of straps a wrist support has usually indicated more support and a better fit, although it does reduce your maneuverability. Wrist support straps usually include Velcro or hooks to attach them to the support.

carpal tunnel wrist brace sizingSizing

You will find that ‘one size fits all’ is pretty standard for most braces. If you have a larger or smaller wrist, you may need to find something a little more customized to give you the best support for your injury.

If you are living with carpal tunnel pain, finding a good brace is imperative to your recovery. The best carpal tunnel brace for you will depend on your situation and how severe your injury is. Make sure to do you research, read through to see the top 5 carpal tunnel braces on the market, and then pick the carpal tunnel wrist brace that will provide you the most benefit.


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