Best Ankle Ice Pack and Wraps Buying Guide


Best Ankle ice packTrying to find and buy the best ankle ice pack can be hard because, let’s face it, our feet and ankles are important. They help us stand, walk, run and move through our daily lives. So, when we damage either of these, it becomes first priority to mend them.

An ankle ice pack, also known as an ankle ice wrap, is designed to offer you aid and relief from sprains, strains, injuries, and post surgery recovery. They can also be used as preventative measures for sports players or anyone who is very active. If you are not sure where to start, this list of the best ankle ice packs in the market will help you to find the best one for your needs.

Comparison Table

Shock Doctor Ice Ankle Wrap
Our Rating
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Our Reviews
O2 Cold and Compression Ankle Wrap
Our Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Our Reviews
Polar Ice Foot and Ankle Wrap
Our Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Our Reviews
Mueller Cold/hot Wrap
Our Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Our Reviews

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Reviews of The Best Ankle Ice Packs

Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Ankle Wrap

This ankle wrap is designed for treating sprains, strains and injuries in a comforting and supporting wrap. With its 380 degree coverage for cold or heat application and customizing fitting features, this ankle ice wrap aids in fast and effective relief. With its two adjustable straps and four way stretch material, you are sure to find this wrap comfortable and relieving. This wrap (or more commonly referred to as a boot) is known to be one of the best ankle ice packs for sports players.

This wrap comes with 3-4 gel packs (3 for a small/medium and 4 for a large/x-large) that can be frozen or heated for use of cold and hot therapy. The gel packs stay flexible when frozen. Because this wrap does not contain any ice packs on the bottom of the foot, you can wear it and still continue to walk around.

Its sturdy structural support allows for good treatment of serious to minor injuries, or preventative measures for those who are active and/or sports players.

• Can be used for either heat or cold therapy.
• Gel packs are easily removed and replaced into the wrap.
• Designed for full coverage of the ankle.
• Easy to slide on.
• Can wash the boot (ankle ice wrap).
• Stays cold for a lot longer. Some people have mentioned it hold cold for up to 1 hour.
• Can be a bit heavy for some.
• Contains latex. May cause a reaction for some people.
• No instructions included with ice ankle wrap.
• Not good for anyone requiring foot coverage as well as ankle.

O2 Cold and Compression Ankle Wrap

This is one of the best ankle ice packs we found during our analysis. It has a fairly simple design that allows for easy application with velcro straps to hold the ankle ice wrap in place. Perfect for sprains, strains, post surgery recovery, sports injuries and prevention, and arthritis.

It is compact and lightweight which makes this ankle ice wrap perfect for travel. Pop it in your sports bag or even your backpack when on the move or heading to sports training. This ankle ice wrap does not cover the foot, just great coverage of the ankle. If you are after ice coverage on your foot as well, we recommend not purchasing this product.

• Comes equipped with a pump to apply compression to the ankle.
• Frostbite and dry-cold proof.
• Can be worn over clothes and socks comfortably. Will not mess up clothing.
• The strap is long enough to allow for additional ice packs if needed.
• Easy to put on.
• Doesn't cover the front of the foot with ice.
• The ice pack supplied has been known to be a bit thin and can lose its cold quicker.
You can fix this however by inserting your own ice pack.

Polar Ice Foot and Ankle Wrap

Because of its unique design, this ankle ice wrap can not only be used for your foot, but other parts of your body like your knees or elbows.

It is lightweight with light green fleece material covering the wrap, ensuring a soft and comfortable application each and every time. Blue velcro straps hold the wrap in place. The velcro straps can be adjusted to your needs and can apply some compression to your ankle and foot.

It is often said to be one of the best ankle ice packs with the wrap being cozy and very functional. However the ice packs that come supplied are small and can be very stiff. Most people replace these with their own purchased gel ice packs and have no issues with it.

With its soft fleece covering, the Polar Ice Foot and Ankle Wrap has a comfortable and secure fit. It covers both your ankle and foot all for an affordable price. It is known to be sturdy but gentle, great for soft tissue damage and post surgery.

• This wrap can be used on most parts of your body.
• Has a soft fleece covering, keeping your skin from getting frostbite or burnt from the cold.
• Simple to use.
• Easily storable.
• Affordable.
• Ice packs do not hold the cold. Most people use their own ice packs.
• Ice packs are not flexible.

Mueller Cold/hot Wrap

Unlike any other ankle ice wrap we have covered is the Mueller cold/hot wrap. This ice wrap can not only be used on your ankle, but any other part of your body. Your arm, your leg, your back – you name it. So, this not only makes it one of the best ankle ice wraps, but one of the best overall ice wraps.

The wrap has the ability to be heated and cooled, and also comes in 2 parts. Firstly, you have the sleeve that holds the ice pack. The ice pack is separated by a soft mesh netting closest to the skin. On the outside, a velcro strap wraps around to secure the ice pack in place.

The second half of this wrap is a white wrap made of nylon. This half tightens the ice pack with a velcro strap and applies as much or as little pressure as you like to the area being iced/heated. This wrap has a very simple design meaning just about anybody could use it.

• Easily adjustable with velcro straps.
• Can be used on most parts of your body.
• Can be used for both cold and hot therapy.
• Gel ice pack does not become stiff when frozen and is moldable.
• Very affordable.
• Doesn't hold the cold for more than 20 minutes.
• Some people find the ice packs to be a little difficult to insert.

How to Choose the Right Ankle Ice Pack for You

Now that we have analyzed a variety of the best ankle ice packs on the market and hopefully made it a little easier for you to choose one, let’s quickly review a few tips and tricks to picking the right ankle ice wrap for you.

Answer and follow these simple steps to find the best ankle ice wrap:

  1. Get a good understanding of why you need an ankle ice wrap. Different products will offer different coverage and results. Some may even be targeted towards your specific needs and others not.
  2. Work out when and where you will be using your ankle ice wrap the most. If you are at home mostly and can relax, you may go with a bigger less portable option. If you are going to be out or at sports training, you may want to look at something more portable.
  3. Will you need to be mobile while wearing your ice wrap? If you do, go with an option that is known for being easily mobile – like the ‘Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Ankle Wrap.

We hope we have helped you to gain a better understanding of, and provided you with the knowledge to help you find the best ankle ice wrap for your needs. We wish you the best on your road to recovery.

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