The Benefits of Compression Sleeves When Exercising or Stretching


These days it’s perhaps commonplace to see compression sleeves being worn in just about every sport. From the basketball court, to the football field, to the baseball diamond, more and more professional athletes are starting to realize the benefits associated with wearing this type of product when they are working out, stretching, or in some cases, playing in a real game.

While we all know compression sleeves have a very cool look, the question is, are they beneficial? In one word, YES!

compression sleeves benefits by professional athletes

Compression sleeves are very beneficial to those who live an active lifestyle. Here are the four main benefits associated with wearing compression sleeves.

#1 – Health

The great thing about compression sleeves is that they actually compress or keep a certain part of your body from moving too much. Studies have shown that because of their ability to compress, compression sleeves can help reduce swelling. This is very beneficial for those who spend a lot of their time standing.

Another health benefit is the ability to alleviate minor aches and pains. If you are a marathon runner or triathlete, compression sleeves for shin splints can help you deal with the pain and discomfort that often accompanies in the long run.

Please note compression sleeves for running will not cure any injuries. They will simply help you better deal with the pain. If the swelling or pain doesn’t go away, it is advised you speak with a medical professional.

#2 – Improved Performance

The second benefit associated with wearing compression sleeves is improved performance. Compression sleeves work by improving blood flow throughout the muscles. And when blood flow is improved you will have higher levels of oxygen in your muscles. As a result your muscles won’t tire out as quickly. Plus, you can perform at a high level for a longer period of time.

Compression also helps eliminate some of the vibration that takes place in the muscles. There’s no denying the fact that when you are running your muscles vibrate. As the vibrations accumulate it can cause your muscles to tire out. The sleeves are known to limit the vibrations, which means you can go stronger for longer.

#3 – Comfort

While running, it is very important you remain comfortable the entire time. Rarely, if ever, do you see runners outside in long pants or tights, for the simple reason they are not as comfy as shorts. Let’s be clear about one thing: Compression calf sleeves let you to be comfortable and still get the protection you desire. And given that most compression sleeves are known to be moisture wicking, you can wear them in the summer and still keep cool.

#4 – Protection

This is just a bonus benefit but it is a great one. When you are running outside a compression sleeve can keep your legs from getting dirty.

The 5 Types Of Compression Sleeves

Now that you know some of the benefits associated with wearing a compression sleeve, let’s briefly discuss the different types and who they are ideal for.calf compression sleeve

1.Calf Compression Sleeves

If you are tired of suffering from shin splints it may be time for you to invest in a pair of calf compression sleeves. As you may or may not know, shin splints can be extremely painful—so painful that you may not want to walk for a few days.

The good news is you don’t need to head to the doctors office for treatment. All you need is a pair of calf compression sleeves and you will be good to go.

This type of compression sleeve is great for running, as it will help you complete your workout without injury. The best part is they fit snuggly around your calf and promote proper blood circulation in the area. Due to the increased blood flow, your muscle will be able to warm up faster so you can get into your workout as quickly as possible.

Calf compression sleeves are great for joggers, runners, travelers, cyclists and triathletes.

2. Knee Compression Sleevesbest compression knee sleeves

Knee sleeves are great for those who need knee support but don’t want to be restricted in movement. A knee compression sleeve will fit snugly around your knee, providing stability as well as sturdiness. If you have pain and swelling in your knee, a knee sleeve can help reduce it.

Compression sleeves for knees provide a greater range of motion as well as greater flexibility. They are perfect for runners, basketball players, martial artists, weightlifters, crossfit enthusiasts and frequent travelers.

They are also recommended for everyday people who simply need a little
extra support around the knees.

3. Ankle Compression Sleeves

ankle compression sleevesIf you suffer from plantar fasciitis you will absolutely love ankle compression sleeves. Some ankle sleeves are made using a special ribbing on the sole. This special ribbing compresses the ligament in the plantar fascia, offering much needed relief.

To ensure you have proper support and improved circulation, the ankle compression sleeve is designed in the shape of a horseshoe. And unlike ankle bracelets, which tend to restrict your range of motion, with a Ankle sleeves you will be able to maintain full range of motion.

If you are a runner, for instance, you can also add an extra layer of comfort by wearing your running socks over the ankle sleeve.

Ankle sleeves are great for those who run or play any type of sport. They are also great for those who have ankle pain and need a little extra support.

4. Arm Compression SleevesArm compression sleeves

Do you know what kobe bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade all have in common? Besides being great basketball players, they are all also fans of arm compression sleeves. All four of these superstar NBA players wear arm compression sleeves anytime they take the court.

Why? It’s perhaps because they understand the benefit it can have on their overall performance. As we have stated several times throughout this article, compression helps with blood flow. When blood is getting to your muscle the way it is suppose to, you will be able to warm up faster and tend to the activities you love the most.

Arm compression sleeves also stabilize the muscles in the arm and help prevent injury.

These sleeves are great for runners, basketball players, baseball players, tennis players and even golf playerselbow compression sleeves.

5. Elbow Compression Sleeves

If you suffer form tennis elbow, golfers elbow, or elbow
tendinitis, wearing an elbow compression sleeve can give you the relief you desire. It is designed to apply pressure where you need it the most so you will no longer have pain.

Elbow sleeves also help with injury prevention. When you wear a compression sleeve around your elbow it will stabilize the muscles in the area. As a result you will be less likely to get injured. Additionally, it will also prevent micro-tears in your muscles.

To prevent the elbow sleeve from sliding around, many of these sleeves are designed using a no slip cuff. Unlike traditional elbow straps, an elbow sleeve is designed to help keep the elbow in place. And while you will have additional support, it won’t be to the point where you can’t move your arm. You will still have full range of motion and be able to participate in your activity of choice.

Elbow compression sleeves are great for anyone who has elbow pain. It doesn’t matter if its sports related or work related, an elbow sleeve will give you much needed relief you’ve been looking for all along.

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