Ultimate Guide to Aneros Helix & Prostate Stimulators


Prostate massages have not only become a hot trend in male sexuality, but they have also become more recommended by healthcare professionals as a preventive health practice. Health benefits aside, some men have preferred a prostate massager simply because it gives them some of the best orgasms they have ever had.

Prostate massages have been administered historically to men that have had many wives or mistresses to help improve their sexual performance. Prostate massage therapy is actually widely practiced in some Asian countries to help men improve sexual performance. It has also been noticed that Asian men have a much lower rate of prostate cancer.

So, what exactly is a prostate massager and how do you use it? Here are a few tips on what to look for in a prostate massager and a couple of reviews to give you a better idea of how they work.

What is a Prostate Massager?

Where is the prostate? It is found between your penis and your bladder right in front of your rectum. It is a walnut-sized gland that has the urethra running right through the center of it which allows the urine to run out of your body.

When you are looking for an aggressive prostate massage, you want to go with a name brand you know. The Aneros Helix is part of the Next-Generation line that includes the Eupho and the Maximus. It is angled and aggressively shaped to give you the tension and instant pressure you want.

Aneros Helix Prostate Stimulator

With the Aneros Helix, you don’t have to worry about having as much patience and practice as other massagers. It was designed based on user feedback and includes a large round head and a stem that is sharply angled to give you a more 'aggressive' prostate massage. With the redesigned P-Tab, you get a more intense external prostate stimulation when your perineum is massaged

The tip of the Helix is larger than other massagers and the angle gives you a more dynamic massage, but the mid-ridge is a bit smaller than its competitors. With a combination of ancient eroticism and modern engineering, you will find that the Aneros will improve and enhance your sex life and your world of pleasure. The Aneros is great for both advanced users as well as adventurous beginners.


  • Once you learn to relax, it works incredibly well
  • Small and powerful, it can help you reach pleasure like you have never experienced before
  • Very comfortable after it is inserted and can be used for quite awhile


  • Some people found a little irritation with one of the tabs
  • It’s a little smaller than some people were expecting

Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager

If you are interested in improving your backside fun, the reconfigured Aneros Helix Syn gives you a massager that has the weight and curves to press its super velvety silicone right up on your P-spot an intense orgasm like you have never experienced before. You can use the Aneros Helix Syn by yourself or with a partner for some extra thrills in the bedroom.

The Aneros Helix Syn is made of soft silicone on the outside with a rigid inner frame that will be more than enough to satisfy both a beginner and an expert. Make sure to pair this silicone thrill toy with plenty of water-based lubricants, so that you can enjoy the unforgettable self-pivoting design. It also features a contoured surface that helps to make this make this advanced prostate massager seamlessly balanced for prostate stimulation that is hands-free.

The Helix Syn is also very versatile and can be used in foreplay, masturbation, or during sex to enhance your sexual pleasure. Just gently move against it to release all the intense P-spot orgasm possibilities.

The Aneros Helix Syn has been redesigned and refined for a more comfortable fit that still maintains the necessary rigidity necessary with additional sleeker sensation and increased comfort for mind blowing orgasm. The coating of the Helix Syn is the finest silicone available that is hypoallergenic and guarantees the most comfort and maximum pleasure. The possible synergy with your male p-spot and the ergonomically designed Helix Syn is an unparalleled mix that one must experience on their own.

The self-pivoting design includes four inches of insertable length with a thin girth of three inches of satisfying fulfillment. It is easy to insert with its rounded tip while the firm, angled shaft provides you with accurate and form-fitting stimulation and the full base with P-tab halts annoying travel and gives you extra external sensations.


  • Very small and discreet
  • Very easy to insert and once it is in it feels fantastic
  • Great for beginners


  • It’s a little on the small side for some people
  • A little on the expensive side for some people

The purpose of the prostate is to secrete fluid that protects and nourishes sperm. When you ejaculate, fluid is squeezed by the prostate into the urethra which expels the sperm out as semen.

Responsible for regulating most of the sexual functioning of a male, the prostate creates a prostatic fluid that is an important part of semen and high fertility in men. It also can give men a more satisfying sexual experience as well as play a part in sexual dysfunction like ejaculating problems or loss of erections. Testosterone levels produced in the testes strongly affect your prostate gland.

What are the Benefits of a Prostate Massager?

  • Eliminates the build-up of prostatic fluid in your prostate gland ducts that may cause prostatitis which is an inflammation of the prostate that can be quite painful.
  • Improves blood flow to your prostate that helps the gland to produce the fluid that combines with semen that improves circulation and helps with impotence.
  • Prevents BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), otherwise known as an enlarged prostate, that can cause bladder infections and difficulty in urinating.
  • Minimizes painful ejaculation.
  • Keep your prostate functioning correctly and prevents or lessens your risk of getting prostate cancer.
  • Heightens your sexual experience by increasing the intensity of your ejaculation.

Remember, it is important to talk with your doctor if you think you have a prostate problem and ask if a prostate massager is a good option for you.

Types of Prostate Massages

You will find that there are two types of prostate massages, either internal or external. Some men prefer not to be naked or have a problem with their backside being massaged by someone due to religious or personal choices. In this case, a prostate massager is a good option.

How to use a Prostate Massager

When using a prostate massager, you want to make sure you wash the device before and after you use it as well as your rectum. Make sure to use a lot of lubricant on the massager as well as the anal area. Lie on your side to slowly insert the massager, making sure it is about 2/3 of the way from the opening with the handle of the massager in between your buttocks.

While learning to use a prostate massager it is helpful to relax for about twenty minutes and keep your body still while getting used to the massager in your rectum. Your body will instinctively pull it in the rest of the way and then you can position it so the perineum abutment is set up against the perineum acupressure point.

At this point, it is helpful to check the guide to handle to make sure it is in the correct place. Once you have it in position, it can then pleasure your prostate and perineum acupressure point. If you are using this massager for the first time, it is normal if you feel the need to urinate, but you do need to make sure your perineum stays dry so the abutment will stay on your acupressure point.

Stay relaxed and contract your sphincter muscles slowly about thirty times to get blood to flow to your penis. Even without direct penile stimulation, you may experience an orgasm. Remember that you want to do this exercise for about 30 minutes every time you use your prostate massager.

prostate stimulator	Lubricant is Necessary

When using a prostate massager, it is necessary to use lube. There are thousands of lubes on the market, but they are not all appropriate for use with a prostate massager. You will find that lube comes in several different types including oil based, water based, desensitizing, and silicone based.

Which Lube is Best?

The best lube depends on how you plan to use it. When using a prostate massager, the best type of lube depends on the composition of the massager. A stainless steel massager will work with any type of lube while a silicone massager can only be used with a water based lube. If you are not sure which lube is the best to use with the type of prostate massager you have, the general rule is that water based lube is pretty compatible with any sex toy.

Tips on Using a Prostate Massager

Get in the Zone

aneros helix

One comment that you will see from reviews of prostate massagers is that you have to relax and get into the zone with it. This may mean doing some breathing exercises, playing relaxing music, or watching a sexy movie. Whatever it takes, make sure to get into the right state of mind or zone, so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Give it a Little Time

Another factor that many reviewers mentioned is that you will probably need thirty minutes to an hour for the prostate massager to do its magic. Alone time is best without any interruptions, so you can focus only yourself and trying to relax. This is much different than regular masturbation which can be done in five or ten minutes.

Lube is critical

Make sure to be liberal with the lube to ensure that you have the best experience. You need to lube up the massager as well as your rectum before you begin.

Preparationaneros progasm

Some people have commented that the experience is better after having a good bowel movement before using the prostate massager. A long, hot shower can also help to make sure your rectum is completely clean, and the hot shower will also help you to relax and get in the zone and loosen your butt and sphincter muscles.

Some people even go to the lengths of using a douche to make sure your rectum is clean and fresh. The best product to use for douching is a rectal enema bulb or similar device.

Getting into position

You can try several different positions when using a prostate massager. One of the better positions is lying on your side on the bed while pulling your knees up on your upper leg towards your chest. This will make it easy to insert the massager into your rectum.

Other good positions to try are the squat or just simply lying on your back while pulling your feet back towards your butt. When your knees are spread apart and raise, it is easy to insert the massager into your rectum.

Using a prostate massager has many health benefits as well as enhances your sexual performance. This is an easy to use product that will make a world of difference in your pleasure, even if you are a little on the fence about it, it is worth a try to see what it can do for you!

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