6 Ways to Exercise with Battle Ropes


Battle ropes are becoming more and more popular – and they deserve said popularity. They are considered by many to be the triple crown of workout equipment. They build/strengthen muscle, improve your cardiovascular endurance and also burn a lot of calories – all at the same time!

They can be a bit intimidating at first but follow this guide of 6 easy to do exercises and you’ll be mastering these battle ropes in no time.

When you first start working with battle ropes it is important to always maintain an athletic stance. Your knees should be slightly bent and your chest should be upright.

1. Double Waves

double-waves battle ropes

  • To perform the double wave you should move both arms simultaneously in the same direction – up to shoulder height and down to just above your knees. This movement will cause a wave in the rope and since you are moving both arms you will see a double wave.
  • Speed is key in this exercise, so be sure to keep those ropes moving up and down as fast as you possibly can during the entire duration of the rep. We recommend performing this exercise for 60 seconds at a time with a 30 second break. Do this for 6 total sets.

2. Rope Slams

Time to make an impression. Use your entire back, shoulders and arms to get the ropes as high above your head as possible. In sync whip your arms downward and slam both down onto the ground as hard as possible.

Rope slams are great for improving strength and burning calories – they also target muscle groups and movements that are rarely targeted with typical machine or free-weight exercises. Like most strength training exercises time is less important than the amount of force you apply. Perform 4 sets of this exercise with 15 reps per set.

3. Snakes

Battle-Ropes snake

The goal of this workout is to make both ropes look like two snakes working in opposite directions. The ropes should be laying on the floor, grab both ends and begin to move your arms horizontally and in opposite directions. If it helps – imagine yourself clapping your hands together and pulling them apart.

This workout is built for speed – so make sure you’re slapping as fast as you can. Perform this workout for 60 seconds at a time with 30 second breaks. 6 sets is ideal.

4. Alternating Waves

benefits of battle ropes

This workout is very similar to our first workout, the double waves. However – instead of moving your arms together they should be moved opposite one another.

Keep in mind that this workout can be tailored to your target goal. Smaller, faster moving waves will result in an increased heart rate and help improve your stamina. Larger, slower moving waves will target your core shoulder and arm muscles with a unique strength training workout.

5. Push-Up Plank Single Arm Waves

Push-Up Plank Single Arm Waves with battle ropes

While holding a push-up plank position you must balance yourself on your left or right hand. Once balanced use the other hand to hold the rope and create small waves. Proper posture is essential for this workout: be sure to keep your shoulders squared and your pelvis facing the floor – do not allow your body to twist and turn.

Perform this exercise for 20 seconds per arm for 3 sets – try not to take any rest time in between reps.

6. Side Plank Waves

Like the push-up plank exercise proper posture is very important for this workout. Get into the side plank position and grab a rope with your free hand (not the hand on the floor). Move that arms between your shoulder and your waist, creating small horizontal waves on the floor. This should really help workout your oblique muscles and overall core.

This exercise is ideal for those who have hit a plateau in their ab workouts – get ready to feel the burn. Try doing this exercise for 20 seconds per arms for 3 sets – again no break in between.

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