5 Types of Knee Braces And When to Use Them


There are many ways to avoid injury while working out and doing everyday tasks. One of the best ways is to wear a knee brace. This is especially important if you suffer from knee pain or pain in the joints and legs. Below are just five ways that wearing a knee brace can help you to avoid injury.

Functional Knee Brace


Functional Knee Brace
A functional knee brace is often a brace that is worn by those who have already suffered a previous injury on their knees. Often these injuries include torn ligaments or an ACL tear. The knee brace allows the user to perform certain activities that may not be possible without it. A functional knee brace provides protection for the knee and ligament especially when doing low intensity things. The knee is more stable and secure.

Unloader Knee Brace

An unloader knee brace or also known as an off loader knee brace is often used to treat pain or inflammation. It is most commonly used by those who suffer from arthritis in the knees as it helps to relieve pain as well as swelling. It is also a great option for individuals suffering from osteoporosis or other knee issues. An unloader knee brace unloads stress off of the joints while walking, exercising, and doing everyday activities. An unloader brace provides stability as well as support while also providing some pain relief for those suffering from painful joints.

Prophylactic Knee Brace

Prophylactic Knee BraceProphylactic knee braces are most commonly worn by athletes to help protect the knee during sporting competitions such as football games. A prophylactic knee brace is often made of bars or hinges with straps and adhesives to fit around the leg. A prophylactic knee brace helps to absorb the impact when running, working out, or playing sports. It helps decrease the force that is placed on the knee to keep it more stable and supportive.

Rehabilitative Knee Brace

Rehabilitative Knee Brace

A rehabilitative knee brace is mainly used by those who have suffered a severe injury or those who are recovering from surgery. They are meant to limit the amount of movement to provide healing for the affected area. A rehabilitative knee brace can help protect injured ligaments and control the movement of the knee to allow it to heal better and faster. It is most often used by those who have injured their ACL or their PCL, MCL, or LCL.

A Standard Knee Brace

Standard Knee Brace

A standard knee brace can be worn by anyone who has suffered an injury or those who are trying to prevent injury to their knees. They are usually worn during high-intensity exercises such as running where a lot of stress can be put on the knees. They are not only comfortable to wear but they also add a ton of support and stability.

All of these knee braces and so many more not only heal but also help prevent knee injuries. Taking care of the joints and ligaments is very important especially as you age as each injury can become more and more dangerous.


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